Welcome! My name is Vanessa Rogers CEO and Founder of Bounce Back Indiana

Kangoo Club Bounce for Life is here to encourage, inspire and motivate you to have fun while working out as you embrace your new life and fitness journey. As a RN, I love assisting folks reach their fullest potential and best quality of life. That applies to the fitness world, as well.

I’m passionate about helping you reach your health and fitness goals! You see, I've struggled with weight issues too. Since my early 20's I've tried all kinds of diets and like most gained my weight back - plus more. In 2013 I became a Certified Zumba instructor and I started teaching Zumba. Did I mention that I was also 75 pounds overweight at the time? But, this time was different. I incorporated some new things like clean eating, portion control, cardio, and strength training. A personal trainer kept me on track with my daily regimen. You know what? The weight started falling off!

Now, I am here to help you reach your health and fitness goals using the exercise and proper nutrition skills I've learned.

Why Kangoo Dance?

I am also a Kangoo Dance Instructor. I tried my first Kangoo Power class in October 2016 and absolutely loved bouncing (rebounding). It’s a safe and effective way to shed pounds while having fun. It was such an awesome workout that I decided to get licensed in Kangoo Dance. I also earned my AFAA/NASM group certification. I am in the process of receiving my personal trainer's license.

My fitness journey hasn’t been easy, but it’s worth it. I continue to work daily to maintain my weight loss and fitness goals, and I will support you on your journey. I am also here to remind my skinny people that skinny doesn't mean healthy. Eating healthy and exercising is the best goal for all shapes and sizes.

So, let's Bounce Back as we make our fitness and health goals a reality and bounce into a brand-new life.

Thanks for stopping by. Your journey begins… now!