Timothy (Tim) Roberts has worked as a licensed fitness trainer for the last 19 years. In that time, Tim has developed personal training programs that focus on changing the client’s outlook on health and wellness, empowering their ability to exercise, strengthen their bodies and enhancing their physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

Tim is certified in Group Aerobics, Dance, Zumba, Spin, Boot Camp, and Line Dance Instruction. He has worked in the private and public sectors. As a Certified Nutritionist, Tim is able to address his client’s concerns with their daily eating habits and work on improving their health from the inside out. His distinct approach to personal training, both group and one-on-one, provides clients with enhanced stamina and increased muscle strength. Beyond the work done with clients on a physical plain, Tim is also certified as a Life Coach. In this role, he helps his clients improve their mental and emotional health as it relates to their personal and professional lives. Using his healthcare training and certification in massage therapy, Tim works with individuals and athletes who require rehabilitation after injury. Together these programs have created successful stories of weight loss, life style changes and improved health.

In the past 5 years, Tim has developed two very different but successful business ventures. Fitness Beyond the Eye is the non-profit organization that Tim uses to introduce various levels of fitness into the community that does not have access readily available to them. Through events such as “CardioWave-a-Thons”, Bootcamps and other outdoor fitness activities, Tim hopes to bring fitness and wellness to the underserved communities while raising funds for charities that promote healthier lifestyles such as the American Heart Association.
T. Roberts Total Results is the parent company for all of his fitness programs and subsidiary business. His latest venture, SolleFitness, has been a great success due to its focus on combining fitness styles to provide the client with the best total outcomes. Under the SolleFitness umbrella, programs such as Spin Jam, Z-Fit, Corporate Fitness and many more have blossomed and continue to grow in the community. This new vision of integrating styles and methods have proven to be a success with new and old clienteles.

Tim’s continued growth in the fitness industry feeds the need in the community for healthier lifestyles, better fitness and nutritional choices and overall improved ways of life. The vision continues to serve the greater Atlanta region, but aspirations of taking his programs across the country continues to grow