Suzette Sweatt, MSM
Certified Wellness Coach
Personal Trainer Exercise Group Fitness
Owner of SweattBoxx Wellness Center

Suzette Prof.png

In April of 2015 I became a Skillsology® Certified Wellness Coach and currently Wellcoaches® Health and Wellness trainee Coach because it became clear to me that success in wellness not only relies on knowing what to do, but how to make it happen in our ongoing, busy lives. I make it my focus to understand your unique desires, motivators and challenges to most efficiently help you set appropriate, achievable goals.

In our collaborations you will have my compassion and honesty to help you grow beyond your current state of wellness. My approach will be a holistic and non-judgmental one whereby I will hold you accountable to your wellness path. I will help you to identify when you are not following your planned path, and be there to point out accomplishments that you may have overlooked. Coaching is overwhelmingly successful at helping everyday people like you and me to accomplish long-sought-after goals; let’s cultivate a wonder woman persona together to make your wellness dreams a reality.

Suzette has 5 years of experience in the health and fitness field holding a Master’s degree in Healthcare. Suzette is actively pursuing her Nursing degree with Marion University. Suzette also has experience working with a variety of clientele from various backgrounds and ages - and she looks forwarding to working with you!