Hello! Welcome my Rebound Shoe Depot!

  I am so happy you are here! My name is Amy Young. I am the San Diego affiliate of Rebound Shoe Depot and I have been a certified Kangoo Power instructor since August of 2014. I am married to an active duty Marine Officer and we are currently stationed in the San Diego area. I am also a mother of two boys ages 11 and 9 who are super active and keep me on my toes. I work a small successful business at home and enjoy working out at my local gym, running and of course jumping! My idea of fun is being able to do a workout that is outside of the norm, that brings joy and of course results. I love leading people to their best health.
   I took my 1st Kangoo Jumps class at my local gym in 2013 and fell madly in love. I was looking for something to replace all the running I was doing. I was also bored with doing the same thing each day with little to no results. I was also needing something to take the edge off my hip discomforts.  I had an injury and needed a safe workout that could help me feel the way running did and it was the perfect fit. I found myself having such a blast while jumping around in class and it really had me burning the most calories I had ever shed with a smile on my face the entire time. It was a win win for me. After taking countless classes I decided I wanted to be front and center and became an instructor. I  was given my own class and taught 2-3 times per week for 2 years. I teach a very high intensity Kangoo Power  class with fun and upbeat music and a personality to go with it! There is absolutely nothing more amazing to me than to jump with other people and watch their heath transform in a fun way. I am excited to bring  Kangoo Jumps classes to the San Diego area.
I am  also a huge believer in health and wellness and so I also help educate people on supplementation. I am a promoter of the Thrive Experience and love watching my students, family  and friends transform into their best self. I hope you will grab a pair of boots and get to jumping because it truly is the best way to get fit! If you are interested in taking your health to the next level beyond Kangoo Jumps, 

please visit my website at  www.fitnessthriver.com